Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Few Good Pumpkins

I know it's not quite Halloween yet, but I figured I'd post a few good jack-o-lantern pics because I can.

The Death Star Lantern

The "We're Not In Kansas Anym-o-Lantern"

The Darth Vader Lantern

The Mozilla Firefox Lantern

The Mac-o-Lantern

The Space Invaders Lantern

The Linux Penguin Lantern

The Mari-o-Lanterns

The Internet Explorer Lantern

Here's Johnny!

The John Wayne-o-Lantern

The Heath Ledger Lantern

The Leg-o-Lantern

The Pac-Man Lanterns

The R2-D2 Lantern

The Politico-Lantern

And, last but not least...
The Spock-o-Lantern

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